Undergraduate Admission Office is one of the functional offices, responsible for organization and management of teaching and learning in Nong Lam Univery including full time and part time training in universities and colleges.


-        To advise the Board of Presidents in planning strategies for development of NLU’s education.

-        To develop and manage training programs of the types of college and university training.

-        To perform all the work of teaching and learning.

-        Research and implementation of training quality accredition.  

-        Additionally, Undergraduate Admission Office plays a key role in the successful organization of the university entrance exam in many years. Along with the whole university, Undergraduate Admission Office has made ​​great efforts in the construction of "new" training and management process in the credit system; having an important contribution to improve training methods in order to create more positive changes about the quality of teaching and learning in Nong Lam University.  


  1.    Academic and training affairs:  

-        To advise the President on the issues related to organization and management, training and retraining: goals, careers, plans, content, programs, curriculum, materials… 

-        To plan teaching schedule for classes inside and outside the University. To arrange the lecture and classrooms according to schedules. 

-        To organize tests, end of term exams, final examination or graduation thesis

-        To report graduation list.

 -        To manage grades and review passing and stopping learning.

-        To manage and monitor teaching (time, schedules, programs, content ...) of the faculties  and student learning.

-        To organize and track observation and practice for the training disciplines.

-        To organize exams for good students of the University and participate in examinations organized by the Ministry of Education and Training organization.

   2. Student affairs

-        To manage and preserve records of all students throughout the learning process.

-        To issue student cards.

-        To open classes

-        To emulate, commendate and discipline students.

-        To select and appoint qualified students to study abroad.  

-        To manage the implementation of policies for the students: tuition reduction, scholarships under the regime and encouragement scholarships. 

-        To advise students  in the learning activities. 

 3. Political and Ideological affairs:

-     To keep up with the situation of ideological staff and students in order to propose policies and measures and plans on education, politics and ideology.

-     To organize classes of resolutions, guidelines and policies of the Party, the political activities at the beginning and end of course and the new year school for staff and students.

-     To coordinate with the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union, the student Council to understand the situation and new policies of the University and current situation in Vietnam and abroad.

-     To coordinate with the unions in NLU and create a healthy educational environment.

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